Motorized Wheelchairs – An Option for Many People !!

Now we all know wheelchairs carry the disabled or physically handicapped, or the elderly or hospital patients around, but what about motorized wheelchairs? They’re basically the same, with one focal deviation that makes all the difference: an electric motor. Motorized wheelchairs are in common use today, and it’s not hard to see how the physically handicapped or anyone else sitting on one benefits from it, but why not just stick with the old, conventional wheelchairs?

Motorized wheelchairs
are the brainchild of George Klein. He worked for the National Research Council of Canada, and came up with sticking an electric powered motor into a wheelchair in efforts to assist injured veterans of World War II.

A manual wheelchair will be of little help to a person diagnosed with C2-3 spinal cord lesions when he’s alone, so motorized wheelchairs controlled by chin controls with puff/sip scanners come into the picture. In the same way but to a lesser degree, disabled or even elderly people who lack either the strength or coordination to propel themselves with a manual wheelchair use a motorized one controlled by mounted joysticks which only require one hand, or even just a few fingers.

All in all, if the conventional manual wheelchair won’t do much for a patient, doctors and most Allied Health Professionals would recommend an electric-powered wheelchair.

Today’s technologies have afforded our debilitated loved ones the ease and convenience in moving around and maneuvering in the form of a motorized wheelchair. A normal person can only imagine how difficult it is for a handicapped individual to move from one point to another day after day, and everything a piece of machinery stuck inside a wheelchair does is makes him feel a lot better with himself and his abilities.

Motorized wheelchairs are a blessing to many !!

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