How the Motorized Wheelchair makes Life Easier for Loved Ones……

The manual wheelchair is a great mobility device for the physically disabled people and the elderly, its fundamental disadvantage lies in the fact that it requires the steering to be handled by either the user or someone else.

The motorized wheelchair which, as the name suggests has an electric motor, offers a solution to this problem. It scores above the old, conventional wheelchairs because of how easily it can be operated. Its maneuverability can be controlled with a joystick that requires the use of only one hand or even just a few fingers. The motorized wheelchair is ideal for those who have weak upper bodies, for those who cannot maneuver a manual wheelchair and especially for patients suffering from spinal cord lesions. These wheelchairs have chin controls with puff/scanners that can be used by patients with spinal lesions to move the wheelchair when they’re alone.

The motorized wheelchair offers superior maneuverability and can easily be moved around in your home, in narrow hallways and tight spaces. The seats can be reclined, elevated and tilted according to the user’s desire. These wheelchairs offer more seating and postural support functions as well as more tire and power base options. New motorized wheelchairs also come with enhanced features that allow the user to tilt the entire seat and footrest to a 45 degree angle or even to raise the leg rests to a horizontal position and the spring suspension system allows a smoother ride. They are easy to install and thus fit into the car and can be used indoors as well as in outdoor terrains. The motorized wheelchair offers the ease and convenience to moving around and maneuvering that is not possible for a manual wheelchair to provide.

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