Why this Blog and why about Mobility Scooters ,Electric Wheelchairs, and other Mobility Aids ??

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I started this Blog almost 2.5 years ago and I planned to have it go one direction and it took an entirely different one.

At this time, I had a stroke that was caused by a cavernous Angioma in my right brain stem. It was a terrible time and even up til today it has caused debillitating health conditions that affect me every day. And I have no choice but to deal with them.

As a result of my sickness and condition during this time , I begin to look for ways to search to make extra money on the Web to pay for my medical expenses and hospital bills. I was really down and out and I was really doubtful that I would have any luck whatsoever in this endeavour.

But to my surprise, I did have some luck. Interesting enough I found programs that you can actually make some legitimate money with , and it cost nothing but just your time.

They are called paid surveys and even up until today I still participate in them and still make money with them. They are a great way to make a little extra money.

So I started this Blog to give many folks who were in the same boat as me the chance to earn money on the Web with these paid surveys. As time has gone by, I noticed that people with disabilities who came to my Blog wanted information other than just Moneymaking programs. They wanted information on things like Mobility Aids like Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs.
So I have shifted this Blog more into this topic
And I really pride myself on delivering this good info. on these things and hope you guys get something out of it.


(Tags include mobility scooters, mobility scooter, electric wheelchairs, mobility aids )

Mobility Aids like Electric Wheelchairs can help People Live Normally !

Mobility is critical to your quality of life. Being able to move around your home will give you the sense of independence. If you are finding yourself unable to move, or if there is any reason like physical disablity or age that is stopping you from moving around, then you may need a electric wheelchair to help you. Electric wheelchairs will put the independence back into your life and improve your lifestyle. You may even qualify for a free or low cost power scooter or electric wheelchair.

Qualifying for free or low cost electric wheelchairs will surely improve your quality of life. The one thing that you should do is consult with your doctor on this. They might have a suggestion or recommend some features that your new electric wheelchair should have. The doctor may even assist you on the formalities that need to be done that involve insurance companies. You can ask your doctor or professional to fill out the forms and this can further ease the process on getting your mobility back.

A gadget to move or that can help one travel like electric wheelchairs are required if the person is elderly or suffering from a physical aliment. Now, there are so many available choices for mobility aids.

In the past, you would think that the wheelchair was the only mobility aid that you could get for the person you are concerned about. But today, there are many products you can choose from! You can choose to get electric wheelchairs for starters. You can also choose the mobility scooter! Both of these options tackle the problem of immobility in a more fashionable manner.