Forget to mention it is our 3rd anniversary for this Blog…….

Yeah it has been over 3 years since I started this blog. Unfortunately I have not been able to have Post here lately. But I have appreciated the opportunity to provide some good information on mobility products and offer some ways that people with disabilities can earn some free money; only just their time !

I also went to give a big shout out to our loyal readers. Many of you have emailed saying about how much you have appreciated this blog. And that is so cool to hear :)!!

I know things like mobility scooters, mobility lifts,electric wheelchairs, 4 leg walking canes as well as disabled bathroom products and much more are devices that have been a godsend to many people facing challenges everyday.

I know many of you take this stuff for granted but they are big obstacles everyday for people who have some kind of disability !

On this blog we have swayed towards the mobility scooter as being the best device for many disabled people. Electric wheelchairs are great and in so many instances they can be useful. But mobility scooters seem to be the wave of the future if they aren’t already.

Anyway, just wanted to say it has been a great 3 years and cheers to another great 3 years !!!