In the US there has been a very large increase in people looking to buy or rent recondtioned mobility products particularly Stair Lifts and Mobility Scooters !!

I think a lot of this need for mobility aids can be attributed to the growing population consisting of the Baby Boomers. These Baby Boomers are entering there mid 60s so that is the essence why we are seeing this need for things like mobility scooters and stair lifts.

Many Baby Boomers are looking at the cost of managing their health as it is unfortunately deteriorate with time passing. The nursing homes and private care are exorbitant !! And a lot of the Boomers prefer cost effective devices such as reconditioned stair lifts and mobility scooters to provide in insisting them in their day to day lives.

It has been a tough economy in the past few years and this has been a burdened on many seniors !! As a result, they are looking for good deals to help them with their disabilities and their fledgling health. They can literally save tens of thousands of dollars if they can ‘age in their homes’ without having to go to a nursing home or have home health care.

Thats why you have seen in particularly stair lifts in such huge demand today. Reconditioned stair lifts are the choice of many as they are much less expensive than new ones. Reconditioned mobility scooters are also in high demand too.

Its good to see this transformation of people getting old in their homes rather than getting old in nursing homes !!

To put this in a realistic perspective just take a look at this : globally we had about 600 million people over age 60 in 2000 and by 2050 that figure will reach over 2 billion people. And for the first time in history we will see the Seniors outnumber the 14 and under age group.

These facts are alarming and yet it really shouldn’t be looked at in a negative light. It will open up many opportunities and many jobs for people to provide the manufacturing of mobility scooters, stair lifts, wheelchairs and many other mobility aids that will be increasing in demand. This will only increase technological advances in this field on a high level !! Thats not to mentioned the reconditioned market which will add to our job force.

I think this is good news all the way around for everyone 🙂


2012 is upon us and we are going to have a great year here !!

Let me start out by saying that I am going to post more here at this Blog in 2012. We are going on 4 years here now ,and I am really excited about hitting that milestone and doing a lot more interesting things here to help people !!

We will continue to give informative commentary on mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, stair lifts, and many other mobility products……….but I will also be talking about how ways many of you can earn money with some of the free programs on the internet. They are not hard to find ,but I will point you in the exact direction of where to go.

One thing ,as many of you know, I like to talk about is the ways the technology of today can help many out who have disabilities.

And the mobility scooter has been talked about more than any other device on this blog. It is just such a great contraption ! 🙂

It was invented by Allan R. Thieme in 1968. It was a way for him to help out a family member to get around better. Most people of certain disabilities were relegated to the wheelchair up to that time. This made it quite hard because wheelchairs can be so ‘unmobilitizing’ !! With the mobility scooter, it has really opened up a new horizon for many. This first one by Thieme was called the Amigo.

And since the introduction of the Amigo, the mobility scooter has been increased in technical advances almost every year.

As we speak, mobility scooters are either powered by gasoline or electricity. For in door uses mobility scooters powered by electricity are probably most ideal because of the convenience to chargers. But the electrical scooter is more expensive to develop and keep up because charging itself uses a very large amount of electricity.

Whereas the gasoline powered scooter uses less energy than the electrical one. They are more feasible and affordable than the electrical mobility scooters because they are similar to any other gas driven device. Of course, with the world cracking down on emissions from oil and gas this can be a downside to the gas fueled mobility scooter. There is a lot of criticism on this issue !!

The mobility scooter has brought much life back to many. It can swerve at much sharper angles than any electric wheelchair. And going down a street or even a major parkway can be accomplished with a mobility scooter.

We will keep talking more about this great device and how it has been so great in shaping people’s lives for the better !! 😉