Mobility Products and Stairlifts help many disable people

Hey guys. Rob here. I have a few things I want to touch up on here. You there are many mobility products that can be very beneficial to those who have certain physical obstacles to deal with on a daily basis.

Mobility scooters are definitely one of those products that has been helpful to many. A Mobility Scooter is important to the disabled because of their ability to maneuver around streets and households and other types of various terrains. They are becoming more and more popular to use as their technology keeps increasing from year to year.

There is the electric wheelchair which has been the standard to get around for many disabled people for decades. Although may not be as mobile as the scooter, they can be in some instances more portable when transporting them from one destination to another. And finally there is the stairlift which can be really helpful to the disabled in getting from one floor to another in their house, place of work or just about any other place that has multiple stories. With a stairlift you have basically two kinds to select from. The curved stair lift and the straight stair lift. Some Stairlifts have chairs which can make it more efficient and easier to use.

It is recommended that look carefully when looking to buy a stairlift. For a new one the price can be prohibitive. It might be best to look for a that has previously had an owner. This will cut your price on a stairlift drastically !! Along with mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and other moblitiy products (like bathroom accesories for the elderly and disabled) we will be targetting Stair Lifts and explaining there incredible usefulness because they have been so beneficial to many people…………. and I am statring to realize this fact with people aroud me who use them. Really a great invention thats for sure 🙂 So you will see more Posts in the future dedicated towards this. I look forward to it very much !! Cheers, Rob

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In the World that we live in today, there are a large number of people who have disabilities. Many of these people need mobility products to get around easier and more conveniently. Stair lifts and wheelchair lifts are devices that have been a true blessing to many of these handicapped individuals. These two mobility products help people with disabilities to get up and down stairways and other uneven areas. These lifts are for the most part easy to operate, and can really assist elderly people and disabled individuals up and down places they could not go before!

Here are just a few of the important features with stair lifts and wheelchair lifts!

To begin with, they are uniquely constructed and very well put together. There is a large array of models to pick from, as well as many different color schemes and sizes.

Along with this, there are safety benefits that we will cover now:

– Numerous options which include sensors. These sensors will detect any kind of obstruction that

might be in the way.

– Comes with a very secure safety harness.
– The button that turns the power off and on is very sensitive and easy to control.
– Also comes with a a foot rest which turns upward .

Another good point about stair lifts is that you can install them on both curved stairways and straight ones. This kind of installation can be performed without any structural change.

We highly suggest that you do a lot of researching and investigating before you commit to purchasing one of these mobility aids. They can be very costly, and if you are not careful you will burn a hole in your pocket.

I hope this gives you insight into stair lifts and wheelchair lifts, and what they are all about.

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Curved Stair Lifts VS Straight Stair Lifts – Which is Best Suited for You ??

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Many people with disabilities will need to have curved stair lifts in their homes to be able to get up and down floors. One of the really great things about curved handicap lifts is that they can be tailor made to fit every special need that you may require in your home. The stair lift and its tracks are uniquely designed in a manner that makes it easy to maneuver around the bends of a curved stairway. Aluminum and steel are the primary material used to make these particular lifts. This ensures strength, durability, and longevity. They can be mounted on either side of the staircase and can also be used with AC or DC power.

With most curved stair lifts, seat belts and swivel lock systems are provided as well as sensors to point out any obstacles that could obstruct the pathway.

You should make a note that curved curved lifts are more costly than the straight lifts. And the exact cost will depend on a few factors including the bends, length, angles, and labor costs. Also the process of installing them can take quite a long time and be very tedious. As far as the resell value of curved stair lifts? Well, it is usually low since they are custom built for each user.

Stair lifts really provide a much needed service for many people in our Society. Elderly people and disabled people have found these mobility devices to be a true asset in daily living. The independence it brings to them is immeasurable as it truly gives them a Life that they could only dream of before.

Robert Marsh runs a Site where he provides the best info. on mobility aids including how to use a stair lift and also how to find the best mobility scooter for the best price and many other mobility products.

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So What is a Straight Stair Lift ??

Stair Lifts are contraptions that many people have found to be quite beneficial for their needs. There are different types of stair lifts. One is called a straight stair lift.

So what exactly is a straight stair lift ?? Well, it simply is a stair lift which is power driven on a pair of straight tracks that transport people from one floor to the next. Some stairs are of curved nature, but with straight stair lifts it is used for stairs that go straight up and down a stairway.

These straight lifts are installed in a house that has straight stair lifts and are used to take a person who might have a disability or injury and needs to be carried up and down the stairs. Also, it can be used to carry other things like groceries or suitcases. One convenient thing with most of these apparatuses is that a remote control can be handily used to operate the power of the stair lifts.

Make an important note that a dealership of stair lifts will come out and have to access your stairs to see if a curved or straight stair lift is appropriate for you.
For the most part, a straight stair lift is the easiest and quickest to install and is considerably less expensive than curved stair lifts. Of course, the actual length of the stairs is another factor in determining how much the stair lift will be.

Be sure to get multiple quotes from different Dealers and Manufacturers when searching to purchase a straight stair lift. It can be a tedious process but it is well worth the time to do so. You will end up saving time and also you will be more happy and satisfied with how your stair lifts looks and performs.

Having Both Safety and Comfort with Stairlifts….

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Physically disabled and elderly people find it difficult to climb stairs. It is best to ensure their safety and comfort with stair lifts provided by reputable manufacturers in the field. Along with providing a comfortable ride, they give you access to all parts of your home or office. Stair lifts are now an indispensable part of any multistory building, allowing easy access to the various floors.

Safety Features

In any well-designed stair lift system, a significant feature is the obstruction sensor. Obstruction sensors make the device stop in case any obstruction is found on its path. Most of the stair lifts come with seat belts for security. The automated brakes are an advantage, as these keep the device from moving further if anything goes wrong with the drive system. Seat locks provide extra security to the user. Moreover, these accessibility devices come with adjustable speed control facility. Battery powered stair lifts function even during power outages. Call buttons are installed in these for emergency purposes.

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Choose the Right One Suiting Your Home Environment

Most of these accessibility devices are designed in a way suiting the specific requirements of the users. You can find a variety of stair lift models that are appropriate for curved or straight stairs. Some of them are designed to function even during power outages and have good loading capacity. Stair lifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the most sought after models include Citia, Flow, Stair Glide stair lifts, Electra-Ride III curved rail, and Electra-Ride II.

If you are looking for safety and comfort with stair lifts, it is best to find a reliable manufacturer. Established manufacturers offer warranty, quality products and excellent installation and maintenance services.

Stair Lifts – DAY Elevator & Lift offers stair chair lifts that provide safe and comfortable ride for the users. We have curved and straight stair lifts that are suited for both outdoor or indoor use.

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How to Use a Stairlift in your Home…

Many people have suffered from accidents in many type of settings.Its ironic when you think about it, the stairs can pose danger to a person’s life, as one can trip and fall, and hurt one’s self badly. Especially for younger and older people, the stairs can be very dangerous, so a stairlift is something very useful in many people’s homes.
When it was first introduced, its target market was primarily polio victims, but today, anyone—whether because of a disability or the person simply finds it difficult to use the stairs—can easily purchase and use a stair lift.

Best of all, they are easy to buy, install, and use—many people even install it on their own. Some are battery-operated, while some can be plugged in an electrical outlet. The latter costs a bit less than the battery-operated one, but the downside of it is that during a power outage, you will not be able to use it.
A person will simply sit on the chair that is attached to the rail, and it will bring him or her up and down. However, since there are people who cannot sit down, or prefer to stand up, there are now stairlifts which can move people while they stand on a platform.

With all these, more and more people are seeing the benefits of using a stairlift. For a small amount you can make your home easily accessible and remove the danger posed by the staircase, making this a practical and a smart choice.

Stair Lift- Why You Should Own One

In life, there will come a point where you can no longer move as well as you would want to. This should not mean, however, that you should settle for a life where you cannot function normally because there are ways which you can ensure that you can.

If you are of a certain age and are finding it hard to climb the stairs, you should seriously consider getting a stair lift.

This device is designed to help people who have mobility restrictions such as a limp or a bum hip, or anything else that might limit movements. You will find that a stair lift is a fine aid which would allow you to go about your daily life without having to be intimidated by heights.

This would also be a great help to those who are looking after you as they can rest easy knowing that you can still roam around the house without much need for supervision. There are different types of stair lifts that you can choose from depending on your needs as well as your budget.

You can check models as well as their corresponding prices online. There is even a great possibility that you can get one for a very low price especially if you get the chance to buy one that is on sale. Make certain that you look into the product specifications so that you know what to expect from the merchandise. Pay close attention to the safety features as well as other additional features that would make it easier for you to move.

A stair lift can be a life changing product, no doubt !!

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Anyway, we all know the benefits of stair lifts and the theme of this site will always be centered around that. Simply said these lifts transfer needy people from floor to floor at their current dwellings. Its easy to take for granted walking up and down stairs, but that fact is there are many people who just cannot do this.

I have enjoyed supplying some information on this Site for people to help them make better decisions on whether or not to pursue these stair lifts.


Stair Lifts- The Undeniable Benefits

If you are nearing that age when you can no longer climb the stairs without help, you should probably think about investing in stair lifts. This is so you can manage to move around your own house without any need for help or supervision.

There are several ailments and maladies that you are certainly not looking forward to as you get older ,but they are inevitable which is why it is very important to make sure that you will be covered no matter what.

Stair lifts are highly recommended be used by those who are having mobility problems because of old age or temporary paralysis on some parts of the body that limits movements.Especially those that involve battling with gravity.

In nursing homes, the availability of this device is imperative in order to allow the patients to go about their lives as they please and be able to still roam around without having to be carried all the time. It is actually a good exercise which will keep their bodies active and prevent them from being stagnant and irritable.
There are different kinds of stair lifts and some of them are even battery operated which provides more ease for the users. If you are looking for one, you can easily find such product online as there are various kinds that you can choose from depending on your specific needs.

In conclusion, stair lifts are a very good device which can be very, very helpful to many people who want to stay as active as they can be regardless of their age.

Your Ultimate Guide to Long Term Mobility with Stairlifts……

Because of injury, a disease or disability, some people have trouble accessing stairs. This can be a problem, as most places—or simply people’s homes—are multi-level or have several floors, and therefore have stairs. If you are someone who has trouble using the stairs, you will oftentimes have to rely on other people to help bring you up or down, and this can be a great source of distress and even embarrassment to many.

Fortunately, today there is an answer to that problem: stairlifts. A person’s home should be accessible for every member of the family; stairlifts can be an answer to a problem experienced by different people, and not just those with disabilities.

Even older people who have difficulty climbing up the stairs, or people who have had an accident will benefit from this.
So how does a stairlift work? On the stairs’ treads, a rail will be mounted, and this will carry a chair. The person can then sit on this and it will bring him or her up and down the stairs. At the beginning, this was targeted mainly for polio sufferers, but today, anyone who wants their home a free and accessible place for everyone can buy and use this.

Stairlifts also come in different styles and have different features—chairs can be adjusted, you can have a seat belt and switches for the battery. Thanks to these, more and more people no longer find mobility in their own homes a problem!