Curved Stair Lifts VS Straight Stair Lifts – Which is Best Suited for You ??

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Many people with disabilities will need to have curved stair lifts in their homes to be able to get up and down floors. One of the really great things about curved handicap lifts is that they can be tailor made to fit every special need that you may require in your home. The stair lift and its tracks are uniquely designed in a manner that makes it easy to maneuver around the bends of a curved stairway. Aluminum and steel are the primary material used to make these particular lifts. This ensures strength, durability, and longevity. They can be mounted on either side of the staircase and can also be used with AC or DC power.

With most curved stair lifts, seat belts and swivel lock systems are provided as well as sensors to point out any obstacles that could obstruct the pathway.

You should make a note that curved curved lifts are more costly than the straight lifts. And the exact cost will depend on a few factors including the bends, length, angles, and labor costs. Also the process of installing them can take quite a long time and be very tedious. As far as the resell value of curved stair lifts? Well, it is usually low since they are custom built for each user.

Stair lifts really provide a much needed service for many people in our Society. Elderly people and disabled people have found these mobility devices to be a true asset in daily living. The independence it brings to them is immeasurable as it truly gives them a Life that they could only dream of before.

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