Having Both Safety and Comfort with Stairlifts….

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Physically disabled and elderly people find it difficult to climb stairs. It is best to ensure their safety and comfort with stair lifts provided by reputable manufacturers in the field. Along with providing a comfortable ride, they give you access to all parts of your home or office. Stair lifts are now an indispensable part of any multistory building, allowing easy access to the various floors.

Safety Features

In any well-designed stair lift system, a significant feature is the obstruction sensor. Obstruction sensors make the device stop in case any obstruction is found on its path. Most of the stair lifts come with seat belts for security. The automated brakes are an advantage, as these keep the device from moving further if anything goes wrong with the drive system. Seat locks provide extra security to the user. Moreover, these accessibility devices come with adjustable speed control facility. Battery powered stair lifts function even during power outages. Call buttons are installed in these for emergency purposes.

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Choose the Right One Suiting Your Home Environment

Most of these accessibility devices are designed in a way suiting the specific requirements of the users. You can find a variety of stair lift models that are appropriate for curved or straight stairs. Some of them are designed to function even during power outages and have good loading capacity. Stair lifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the most sought after models include Citia, Flow, Stair Glide stair lifts, Electra-Ride III curved rail, and Electra-Ride II.

If you are looking for safety and comfort with stair lifts, it is best to find a reliable manufacturer. Established manufacturers offer warranty, quality products and excellent installation and maintenance services.

Stair Lifts – DAY Elevator & Lift offers stair chair lifts that provide safe and comfortable ride for the users. We have curved and straight stair lifts that are suited for both outdoor or indoor use.

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