Your Ultimate Guide to Long Term Mobility with Stairlifts……

Because of injury, a disease or disability, some people have trouble accessing stairs. This can be a problem, as most places—or simply people’s homes—are multi-level or have several floors, and therefore have stairs. If you are someone who has trouble using the stairs, you will oftentimes have to rely on other people to help bring you up or down, and this can be a great source of distress and even embarrassment to many.

Fortunately, today there is an answer to that problem: stairlifts. A person’s home should be accessible for every member of the family; stairlifts can be an answer to a problem experienced by different people, and not just those with disabilities.

Even older people who have difficulty climbing up the stairs, or people who have had an accident will benefit from this.
So how does a stairlift work? On the stairs’ treads, a rail will be mounted, and this will carry a chair. The person can then sit on this and it will bring him or her up and down the stairs. At the beginning, this was targeted mainly for polio sufferers, but today, anyone who wants their home a free and accessible place for everyone can buy and use this.

Stairlifts also come in different styles and have different features—chairs can be adjusted, you can have a seat belt and switches for the battery. Thanks to these, more and more people no longer find mobility in their own homes a problem!

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