Pride Mobility Scooters have been Some of the most Popular and Best Made Scooters Out there.

Pride Mobility began as a Company that was based around power lift chairs back in the 80s.
(Power Lift chairs can be chairs that go up and down the stairs of a house to help people with disabilities. Or chairs that go up and down a van to transport disabled people on the road.) By 1992 they entered the mobility scooters market along with options and accessories.

I think when anyone mentions the word mobility scooter one of the first brand they think of is Pride !

There are several Pride Mobility Scooters.

Today I will focus on the features and benefits on a very popular model called the  Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3 wheel travel mobility scooter.  With this mobility scooter you get a frame that has been updated and this frame allows it to be disassemblied into five very simple to manage pieces. The very heaviest of these pieces being around 27 lbs. There is also a latching mechanism with the Go-Go Ultra that will allow you to disassembly with one hand . It also has a very easy to use drop in battery ,and a mounted seat that is front frame and is very secure and reliable and very stable !

 Mobility Scooters and other things like electric wheelchairs have advanced in technology tremendously in the past 25 years. To put it mildly it is very astounding what many of these mobility products like mobility scooters can do these days.

Anymore it is common place to see an elderly person go down a sidewalk and in a busy part of town to get to the groceries or go to the local park or just to visit it a friend ! 🙂

It is very encouraging to say the least !

Companies continue to push the barrier to help make Life better and more mobile for people who have disabilities whether they are elderly or younger !

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