Do People Who Are Morbidly Obese Need a Mobility Scooter or Not ….

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I think many people (although they will not admit it  ) look down at younger to middle age  obese people using a mobility scooter to get around places like Wal Mart, or traveling out in public in general.

I think there is a unnecessary stigma attached to obesity and that  everyone who is obese is lazy and has no self worth or just plain does not have self control.

This may be true in a lot of cases. But in many instances this is just  not reality.

There are many things that can transform ones body from a healthy weight  to a not so healthy weight including diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, mental illness,  and numerous medications and other sicknesses that put people in a predicament with unhealthy weight gain.

I think many people stare and shake their heads at that 45 year old over weight man in Target riding around in his mobility scooter doing his shopping for the week.

The fact is the mobility scooter was a device invented to help all people who may be suffering from a debilitating condition making it extremely difficult to travel on foot from point to point.

I personally got out of the habit of  judging those who use a mobility scooter to get around when they sometimes look like they could just lose some weight and be on their own two feet.

Plus, the fact that my 50 year old brother had to use a mobility scooters  for months after he had  his major heart attack to get around really made me rethink things !.

I am sure there were people who questioned him and why he needed a mobility scooter to get groceries.

But I must say that we have a huge epidemic of over weight people in our country . More so than any other country in the World.

People have a right to utilize mobility products like scooters, but I think as a society we need to really urge people to educate themselves about food and exercise and mental health.

In turn , this may result in  a downward spiral of mobility products being used and help people get around with the legs God gave them !

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